Saturday, February 20, 2010

Refashion: Remnants

I hated the thought of wasting the remnants of that black ribbed tank. So I thought to myself, what about a 90 minute shirt! Awesome! But lets be honest, I'm not always the best listener.  Instead of using a plain t-shirt I thought one of my stretchy shirts would do fine. WRONG! That in combination with sewing my shirt inside out, then the envelope the wrong way, well it became a 2 mess!

But I had a mission, the shirt must not defeat me. So I did the one thing no man on earth could do...I followed the INSTRUCTIONS! And who knew 90 minutes (+/- 15 min.) later I had a cute little shirt for my West.

Now although this took a little longer than expected, I learned a lot. Like for me being a new mom, I really didn't have tons of old onsies lying around to cut up. So I just made a pattern off of one. Which didn't turn out too bad.  But a side note, MEASURE YOUR CHILD FIRST!!! Or else you end up with sleeves that are too short,  narrow sleeves or with what  I call my 90 Minute Baby Muscle shirt. My boy does have a little extra to love so this little chub probably won't get more that a couple weeks out of this shirt. Guess will save it for baby #2!

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Laura W. said...

Aww, absolutely adorable!