Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleep Sack

Our little guy is gettign so big and has become quite the wiggler. So each morning his feet are freezing because he has wiggled off his socks and kicked off all his blankets. And since his little Christmas sleepsack is a bit outgrown, in fashion and size, I decided it was time to sew. So I made my very first sleep sack! Tell me what you think!

Although its not my favorite print ever it was on sale. I got some fleece in a matching turquoise too.

Not to shabby on the zipper, considering I had practice from halloween.

And of course to protect my little guy from scratchy zipper edges! Coordinating colors of course!

1 comment:

TheBlackForrist said...

Great job! I was just looking at my son's sleep sack thinking I could make one, and here you did! nice!