Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicken Tikka Masala = YUM

Can I make a small confession? We are broke! Yup, who isn't at this stage of life. A spouse full-time in school, raising small children, trying to have somewhat of a normal 20 something social life and still trying to embody the things you believe all while being prudent! Not you, ehh! But perhaps one of my greatest struggles is paying for medioccur food that I coul probably make better at home. Now, let me say that this is not a food I can make "better" at home. But I can make it, free of cost (almost) and it tastes just as good....well it's more than good enough.

We love Indian food! Who doesn't. So to really test my cooking skills I decided to make Chicken Tikka Masala. Now Garam Masala really is just a combo of some normal spices. If you wanted to be thrify you could attemp to make it. But I figure I want to get the right portions. So I splurged and bought a few spices. Let's be honest, it was a pretty $15 for about 4 different spices but I figure now I can make some indian dishes at least a dozen times. I found a great recipe that was so simple and not too messy.

The results we're this...
( Photo: Served with plain basmati rice.)

DOesn't this photo just make you salvatate all over your keyboard!! Head the call of that grumbling stomach and try it. I'm a bit lazy today so to find the recipe check out the Pioneer Women. Enough said right! You know it will be great!

For a vegetarian version just gently steam (grill, boil etc) some potatoes and cauliflower and substitute it for the chicken. We cook every week with some youg women from church and they are vegitatirans and still loved it. It will be your Aloo Gobi Masala!!

Note: If possible, season the veggies as you would the chicken to give it extra flavor. I think on the grill, boiling or saute would be best!

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Spence and Aiona ... said...

You and your talents make me sick!!! How much talent can one person have?! I am absolutely OBSESSED with Indian food, and am going to try this recipe out (thank you) but know it won't turn out like yours did...but, oh well! ;) xxoo