Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paid: The fruits of my labor

Something remarkable happened last month. Someone, a good friend actually, paid my to make them some baby gifts for two of her friends. What!?! Me, you want to give me money to do something I like to do!! Um...yes please! So to the store I went. I have to admit the stress for picking fabrics was a bit more challenging. I mean I had no idea who these people really were. One  I met briefly but  I can hardly say that I nailed her taste of fabrics in an hour encounter over 4 years ago. But I loved what I picked and got the "OK" from my employer. And this is what I created...


I just loved these fabrics. Had I even known how cute the fabrics at my local quilt shop were  I would have just made my own baby crib set for my son. As much as I love target it just isn't that specific to our taste or his personality! But live and learn, next time I'll be sure to make something extra special for ourselves as well.

Who doesn't love polka dots!

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