Monday, March 1, 2010

15 minutes of Fame

So for anyone with a little boy, who loves to sew, who loves to blog or simply loves to gawk over incredible homemade creations, February has been a blast. Over at Made by Rae and Made, Mom's across the states, even globe, have been Celebrating the Boy!! With that on occasion these ladies host picture blocks of creations that catch their eye. Well who would have thought my little creation got selected, no doubt because of my adorable little model!!! And if that weren't neat enough, it happened twice. Once for the 90 minute T and the second for costumes.

So check it out and celebrate my studly little celeb in his internet debut!!

Square 17: The cowardly Lion and Dorothy!

Square 5: The 90 minute Baby Muscle Tee

Is it lame that I jumped out of my seat when I saw his photo!?!! Nah! I've got to get excited about something!

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