Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching up with Emm

So it has truly been forever since I had a minor fall from the creative band wagon! But that's what happens when you finish school and then find out you expecting your first bundle of love and still have to manage the apartment building where you live! Excuses, excuses right! Well time to get back into action. And what better way than to catch up on the small crafting I have been able to do and not share with al of you. So here we go...

Confections & Treats

Lately I've been playing with my baking and pastry skills! And I've decided I've found a new love. Chances are I'll be honing in on these skills in a pastry program this October. So stay tuned and perhaps you'll be able to enjoy one of my delicious treats! And yes...these are completley home made! No boxed cake here folks!

Showered in Love

One of my biggest delights is baby showers and all things baby! Here are some of my latest diaper cakes for some darling moms! Also one can not be without her recieving blankets and perhaps some burp clothes to match! Made to order for each individual mom and babe!

And yes you can top your darling cake with a special handmade toy for your special babe!

Receving blanket lined on opposite side with red flannel and shown on burp cloth. Each Burp cloth is lined with absorbant terry cloth!

Something Naughty

Say hello to our latest girl "On the border", naughty that is! Inspired by our latest bride and our south of the border themed bridal shower!

Something nice

Why not treat someone you know and love to a homemade gift! This super cute head band doubles up as simply an embelishment to a cute up due!

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i would like an order of the cupcakes and those delightful chocolate balls/truffles please! delish...