Saturday, June 7, 2008

Something Naughty Something Nice

Welcome to Angel Emm Boutiques' first official website! Home of the "Just a touch of Dirty" bridal bouquet. Each handmade bouquet is composed of the cutest and not to mention sexiest little panties on the market today. Not one bouquet is exactly the same as another, making each one unique and one of a kind... just like your Bride!

Keep an eye out for our Gallery of bouquets. Feel free to share a small story about your Bride and be the next tail to inspire our latest bouquet!!

Just a touch of Dirty Collection

1. Cirque de sonaughty (Jen)
2. Dirty little cupid (Krista)
3. Naughty Poka-dots ( Rachael)

1 comment:

The Staging Realtor said...

I Just LOVE this idea!! I love the colours you chose for the site and the names for the bouquets (inspired by the bride!!) and the wording (love the French words!!) you used. Don't change a thing.....just add more pics! I can't wait to see more.

AddieByGrace :)